Combinator and germinator parts

Setvospremač is a machine with a simple and robust construction, intended for high-quality and economical use
soil preparation for spring and autumn sowing. The seed preparation system enables the preparation of seed
layer of fine and cloddy earth, which during rainfall prevents rooting of the soil and helps
better germination of plants and grains.
In addition, it is used for other practical operations such as stubble peeling, mechanical suppression
weeds, thinning wheat and freshening pastures. A very important machine for every villager
a household engaged in agriculture, and the results obtained so far are one of the best
modern tools in agriculture.
Considering that the Huđik set-top box is made of high-quality materials, which are additionally
protected to last even longer, some parts need to be replaced occasionally.

On our portal, the best-selling parts for combine harvesters are S springs and hoes. Not surprisingly,
because these are the working parts that wear out the most during work. Regardless of the quality of construction
set-top box, if the working parts are not in good condition, the result will not be satisfactory.
In our online store you will find a larger selection of working bodies of different dimensions and shapes. If not
you can decide which one to order, we are here to help you.

On the middle part of the frame structure, in the Huđik set-top box, there are working bodies, i.e. “S”
springs. They are generally placed in 4 rows at a distance of 10 cm. This arrangement of teeth
significantly affects land redevelopment. Given their arrangement in four rows, there is less of a chance
that they will pick up the rest of the corn and that it will pile up on the machine.
The following models are available in our store:
– With springs Bianchi 32×10
– With RAU springs
– With spring for germinator 32×10
– With springs for germinator GLK 8×25
– With springs for germinator GL 8×25
– With spring for germinator L 8×25


An integral part of the “S” springs are the hoes that are attached to them. Hoes are among the cheapest parts of the
setvospremaču, but they are also changed most often. On Huđik setvospremači, their replacement is strong
simple, you can do it yourself.
Depending on the type of soil and your goals, you can attach a specific type to the elastic “S” springs
a hoe. The following models are available: spear, spear – tie, duck feet and duck feet with
self-sharpening blade. In addition to the shape, there is also a large selection of hoe sizes from 11cm to 19cm.

You don’t need to be an expert to know which model of S spring or hoe to choose. It’s enough to
you know the condition and quality of the soil you are cultivating, and our expert advisers will give you instructions.
You can contact us by phone or email for advice before purchasing.
In addition to S springs and hoes, we also sell parts of the following types:
– half S board holder;
– spring clamp S (for germinator GL, GLK);
– rotor wire (L, R).
And when it comes to ordering, we’ve simplified it as much as possible. Complete offer of parts found
on the online store. When you definitely decide which model suits you, you can order from your sofa
by phone or computer, and the courier service will deliver the package to your address in a few days.

Prices are retail. For larger quantities or wholesale prices, you can contact us

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