Agricultural machines

HUĐIK Gruber – the perfect device for every task

The HUĐIK Gruber is designed for reduced soil cultivation without overturning, which replaces two classic operations in one pass - plowing and discing. In addition to significant economic savings, it provides perfect conditions for sprouting and healthy crop development

The HUĐIK 3-row cultivator with hoe wings meets the requirements of conventional tillage in every respect. The optimal construction ensures operation without congestion, very good crushing of the soil and perfect mixing of crop residues, which increases the fertility of the soil, the ability to retain water and protects the soil from erosion.

The aim of the first shallow cultivation of stubble (depth of cultivation 3 - 8 cm) is to create optimal conditions for the germination of fallen seeds and weed seeds, as well as mixing the crop residues with the soil, in order to quickly start the decomposition of plant residues.

The precise maintenance of HUĐIK Gruber's working depth ensures that the fallen seeds do not reach too deep soil layers and that they germinate evenly.

Medium-deep cultivation of stubble or deeper undermining serves to further accelerate the decomposition of plant residues. In most locations, after 2-3 weeks, additional, medium-deep, intensive mixing of plant residues is required

In the case of larger amounts of plant residues, as well as wet harvesting conditions and unstable soil structure, deeper digging of the soil is necessary (15 - 25 cm deep).

Working bodies

The working bodies are original, from a well-known German manufacturer, made of extremely high-quality steel, as well as the appropriate shape for optimal work performance, quality of soil cultivation and long service life.


The frame is made of the highest quality German steel, extremely strong construction.

Setting the working depth

HUĐIK Gruber is perfectly adapted to the operator. The working depth is adjusted using hydraulics from the tractor cab. The working depth is read on the large pointer. It is possible to correct the depth while working, without stopping. The hydraulic system for depth adjustment is equipped with a non-return blocking valve so that it does not stress the hydraulic system of the tractor during operation. The maximum working depth is 25 cm. 5fbce892b38b6_Setting-disks-A.jpg5fbce8c5f35a4_Setting-disks-B.jpg

Disc setup

The working depth of the discs is adjusted using hydraulics from the tractor cabin. The working depth is read on the large pointer. Another adjustment option is manually with a threaded spindle via a gear mechanism.

The gear mechanism keeps the discs parallel in all positions.

Discs and hubs

The discs are in the shape of a propeller, optionally full discs can be ordered. The propellers are manufactured from Boron Manganese steel, cold formed and hardened, which guarantees reliability and a long service life. In addition to the role of evenly distributing the soil after processing with the working bodies, the discs, with their star shape, also ensure the successful crushing of clods. The hubs of the discs are of top quality, the bearings have cassette sealing, so they do not require any maintenance, and the service life of the bearings is extended.


The roller is made of steel L profiles 40x40 with a diameter of 550mm - Steel Press - it is serrated around the circumference to prevent slipping. It is equipped with cleaners.

Change of cleaner

Simple change of wipers, without the need to cut or weld new wipers or replace the entire bracket.

Surface protection

The surface protection is done with a modern plasticization process, using the highest quality plasticizing powders from renowned German manufacturers.

Advantages HUĐIK Gruber:

Very fine penetration into the soil and excellent crushing due to the small distance between the working organs (approx. 30 cm), which ensures perfect processing over the entire surface at every working depth.
The compact construction minimizes the need for tractor lifting force.
Overload/rock protection with shear bolt
The distance between the beams of 88 cm and the height of the frame of 80 cm ensure that there is no congestion during operation.
Easily changeable wings - supplied with a standard 340 mm with the possibility of subsequent ordering in other dimensions. The possibility of working even without wings in the most difficult conditions.
The roller with conical rings Ø 550 mm properly presses and seals the soil and enables excellent compaction and perfect leveling, which favors the decomposition of plant residues and prevents unwanted evaporation of moisture.
The best work result - perfect mixing, fine crushing, even leveling even on the most difficult terrains.
Working width [m] 2.15 2.5 3.0 4.0
Transport width [m] 2.15 2.5 3.0 /
Height in transport [m] 2.15 2.5 3.0 /
Length [m] 3.35 3.35 3.35 3.35
Weight with SteelCut roller [kg]125513851555/
Dimensions of roller tires / / / /
Number of working bodies 7 8 10 13
Spacing of working bodies in line [cm]909090/
Spacing of working bodies in line [cm]29.529.529.5/
Frame height [cm]85858585
Required tractor power [KS]100-120150-170180-200240-260
Hoe width of the working body [cm]37373737
Light signaling Standard Standard Standard Standard
Hydraulic depth adjustment Optional Optional Optional Optional