Parts for grubers

Intended for reduced tillage, the Hudjik gruber is a connected machine that takes over the tasks of plowing and discing. Investing in this machine for an extended period will result in significant cost savings and optimal conditions for sprouting and cultivating healthy crops.
We use premium German materials to manufacture all of our machines, including the gruber. Quality and performance go hand in hand with these parts, as they are expertly shaped for maximum efficiency and durability. With its ideal design, the grubber ensures jam-free operation, efficient soil crumbling, and optimal blending of crop leftovers.
With continuous usage, specific elements eventually become worn out. An attractive aspect of buying a Hudjik gruber is the option to easily obtain original new parts. Another benefit is the possibility of online ordering and home delivery.
Our online store offers the following parts for grubbers: shares, wing shares, thrashes (left, right), trashboards, tine legs, subsoiler shares, wings, plate bearing, knives, scrappers, levellers and points.

Despite being constructed with top-notch materials in collaboration with the Faculty Technical Sciences from Novi Sad, periodic replacement of certain components is necessary for all machines. In order for the machine to achieve its full potential, it is crucial that all working units are functioning properly. During its working years, the machine’s most frequently replaced components are precisely these working parts. The working units are: wing share, share, points, knife, scrapper, leveller, point, etc.
In the process of creating the gruber, we took into consideration the challenges that farmers encounter with lower quality models. Therefore, we have made every effort to address these issues. The gruber is specifically designed for easy part replacement by the user. There is no necessity to cut or weld working units, and you also do not have to replace the entire mount due to one faulty part, as was often the case with older models from other manufacturers.

Along with parts for Hudjik gruber, we also offer new parts for gruber models from various other manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers we stock include:
– Horsch: tine legs, points, wings (right and left), trashboards (left and right);
– Lemken: point and trashboards;
– Vaderstadt: shaft, point, hub, knife, share, leveller, scrapper and spring;
– Vogel&Noot: subsoiler share, share, knife.

In addition to its superior construction and performance, this attachment machine also provides the perk of having spare parts readily accessible for purchase.
Numerous farmers with less popular models are encountering a shortage of parts. Don’t allow this to happen to you if you are truly committed to this business. Our goal was to simplify your shopping experience by establishing an online store. Now you can order parts from the comfort of your own home, without having to visit us. Your package will arrive at your doorstep in just a few days.
Unsure about which part is the best fit? Feel free to contact us for assistance. Our professional team will guide you and help you make the right purchase.

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