Blades and hinge pins for tractor mowers

One of the attachments commonly seen in agricultural households is a rotary tractor mower. It is used for mowing grass, cereals, alfalfa, clover, and other crops on agricultural fields. Huđik does not manufacture tractor mowers, but we offer spare parts for this machine.
Tractor mowers are ideal for mowing large areas, especially when the crops are tall and densely populated. They are transported in a mounted position and are easy to use without complicated adjustments.
A rotary mower consists of rotating blades mounted on a horizontal drum. When attached to a tractor, the rotary mower utilizes the tractor’s power to drive the drum and blades. The blades rotate rapidly and cut the plants as the tractor moves across the field.
Just like any other attachment machine, the working parts, specifically the blades, on the tractor mower are subject to wear and need to be replaced. Blades for tractor mowers differ in length and can be left or right-sided due to the different rotation directions of the drums.

Besides the bolt and base for the mower blade, the blades themselves are the most sought-after items on our online shop every year. This is quite logical since for the mower to provide satisfactory results, the blades must be in good condition.
Before the start of each season, check the condition of all the blades. If you notice that certain blades are worn out, we advise you to replace them. Blades are very affordable and can be replaced almost every year, offering many benefits when in an acceptable condition.
In our offer, you can find blades for the following mower models:

SIP-Šempeter (one or two holes),
IMT radura/boljevac.
Primarily, blades for tractor mowers differ in length, and there are models with one or two holes. We advise you to follow the instructions of the mower manufacturer you own and use only the blade models they recommend.
Furthermore, blades also differ based on the position of the cutting edge, so we have left and right blades. The mower structure has two drums that rotate in opposite directions, which is why there are two types of blades. Pay attention to this fact when placing an order; each advertisement states whether it is a right “R” or left “L” blade.
In an era when the internet is accessible to everyone, it wouldn’t be practical to travel to another city for a few blades and incur additional time and costs. Since you know which blade model you need, simply visit our online store, find that model, and order from the comfort of your home. In just a few days, the package will arrive at your address, no matter where you are.
If you are unsure or don’t know which blade is best for your model, our customer support center is here to help. Call us or send us an email, and our knowledgeable salespeople will provide honest advice and assistance with your purchase.

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