Agricultural machines


Tillage as a traditional tillage has been unfairly neglected in recent years due to the heavy use of herbicides. Thanks to the generally accepted trend towards organic production and environmental protection, it finds its place again, which it rightfully belongs to, not only because of the positive effects it has on crops and the environment, but also because of the economic effects that are reflected in a significant reduction in costs.

We will mention only some of the advantages that affect the healthy development of plants, increase in yield and significant savings in the production process:

complete destruction of even the most persistent weeds regardless of size
breaking the surface soil cover, which reduces the need for irrigation
loosening and aerating the soil, which enables better heating and biological activity of the soil
reduction of the amount of artificial fertilizer if used with an additive for precise addition of artificial fertilizer
reduction or complete removal of herbicides from use

As a universal machine, it can be used for weeding broad-row crops such as corn, turnips, sunflowers, soybeans, oilseed rape, legumes, sorghum and vegetable crops.


HUĐIK machines are of very simple and robust construction, which, with proper handling, proper care and regular lubrication, enables them to have an extremely long working life, confirmed in practice, with minimal maintenance, which is reduced to the replacement of wearing parts.


Precise guide discs facilitate steering and ensure that the inter-row cultivator does not lose its precision on uneven ground and due to oscillations in tractor steering. They enable perfect row monitoring regardless of weed height without the need for an expensive investment in a camera row monitoring system.

Perfect precision in weeding

In combination with large serrated protective discs that prevent soiling and possible damage to the roots and stems of plants, which enables tillage even while crops are small, perfect precision is achieved in clearing weeds without the possibility of crop damage.

Working height

The maximum working height of 65 cm enables use even in an advanced stage of crop growth.

Cultivator with flexible S-hoes

The HUĐIK inter-row cultivator with elastic S-hoes and protective discs enables soil cultivation between the rows with high working speed. Weeds with roots are cut, removed from the ground and then quickly dried. At the same time, the structure of the soil is not damaged, on the contrary, it loosens and aerates the soil. The optimal working speed is 10-12 km/h. The construction of the cultivator is such that, even on uneven land, great precision is observed in terms of row tracking. Each hoe working unit (battery) works separately for itself with its own wheel to maintain depth and parallelism, so that the tip of each hoe is always at the correct depth. The bearings in the wheels, discs and oscillator mechanism are closed, permanently lubricated and do not require subsequent lubrication, which reduces maintenance costs and simplifies use.

Construction of an oscillatory mechanism

What sets HUĐIK inter-row cultivators apart is the special construction of the oscillatory mechanism with conical bearings, which ensures the precision of the battery stroke, easy stroking and longevity so that there is no need for complicated overhaul due to wear and tear.

Spacing between the hoe

Up to a distance of 55 cm, 3 hoes are in operation in a row, while above that, 5 hoes work on each parallelogram. The universal inter-row cultivator can be attached to the tractor in 3 different ways. Each connection depends on the type of tractor, type and category of connection, and depending on that, it can be optimally adjusted.

Inter-row cultivator with hydraulic folding

If the working width of the machine exceeds 3 meters, HUĐIK cultivators with a special collapsible frame are at your disposal. Folding is done by a hydraulic cylinder controlled from the tractor cab.

Catalogue parts

Types/subtypes of universal inter-row cultivator UMK
Beams UMK-4 UMK-6 UMK-12 UMK-18
Number of rows466788121218
Minimum tractor power (kW/HP)30/4040/5540/5540/5540/5550/7070/9588-12088-120
Working width in the open state - max (cm)337337497497497637637920920
Approximate transport dimensions HxL (m)1.55x2.71.55x2.72.33x2.72.33x2.72.33x2.72.95x3.12.95x3.12.95x2.952.95x2.95
Approximate mass (kg)70082085089093010201300--
Wing folding method Mechanical –M
Hydraulic-H and number of hydraulic cylinders (pcs.)
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
2 pcs
4 pcs
4 pcs
Leading discs-22222222
Number of middle sections with rubber wheel (pcs.)153453535
Number of middle sections with metal wheel (pcs.)200000000
Number of sections on the left beam (pcs.)112223457
Number of sections on the right beam (pcs.)112223457
Number of elastic springs (pcs)311931222541376155
Row width (cm)65-70-75-76.245-5065-70-75-76.245-5045-5065-70-75-76.245-5065-70-75-76.245-50
Operating speed (km/h) 7-14