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A smithy was established in 1990, which deal with traditional metal processing.

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In our product range, in addition to coulters and other parts for plows, as well as knives for tillers, pickers and shredders, we also produce Setvospremače and Universal inter-row cultivators that have proven to be very reliable during exploitation.

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Our products can compete with leading foreign manufacturers in terms of reliability, durability and performance. This is evidenced by numerous awards won at agricultural fairs, as well as satisfied domestic users and foreign companies with whom we cooperate on export and sales abroad.

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Hudjik produces - agricultural machines

Which are often asked questions?

The self-sharpening material is very hard around 60Hz and cracks when cooling. This phenomenon does not affect the functionality, the cracks do not pass through the base material and the coulter is not weakened.

A variable nose harrow is a bigger investment, but you can do a lot more with it without additional maintenance. On ploughshares, the beak wears the most, and this is easily solved by turning the beak.

If we have it in stock, we send the ordered goods by fast mail "today for tomorrow".

A part that is not in the catalog (for example, some rare plow) can be made according to the sample or according to the original manufacturer's catalog number.

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