Agricultural machines


The combinator is a simply and robusly constructed attachment machine for tractors, designed to provide superior and cost-effective soil preparation before sowing, a crucial step in the production of field crops.

The success of this machine has established its position as one of the most valuable modern tools in agriculture, essential for farming.

In response to this, HUDJIK company has designed a series of machines that are perfectly suited for breaking up, leveling, and consolidating soil. In the case of a larger model, it will come equipped with three to four wings, depending on the working range of 3.5 to 6 meters. Wings can be folded with the help of hydraulics

The components of Combinator include a frame construction, leveling bar, supporting arms for S springs, and a shredding rotor.

The steel main frame comes with an endless guarantee, providing exceptional stability and endurance.

Adjustable angle levelling bar constructed from durable HARDOX material.

The machine's base beam is not rigidly connected to the frame constructions, allowing it to move freely around the horizontal bar and navigate through uneven terrain.

Double flat rollers are responsible for delivering optimal shredding and a remarkable soil leveling effect.

Adjusting the working depth is easy by setting up the height of the frame structure.

Customize your work with elastic S springs by choosing from a selection of working bodies: various harrow tines, duck foot tines in different sizes without or with self-sharpening blades.

The possibility of choosing different working bodies for elastic S springs: spear, spear-tie, duck feet of various sizes without or with self-sharpening blade.

Technical characteristics of HUDJIK Combinator
Working widthTransp. widthWeight in kg Number of S-tinesHydraulic. folding of wingsWorking speed in km/h Recommended tractor power in HP Color