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The Germinator is a complex seed preparation machine, intended for high-quality and economical pre-sowing soil preparation.

In one pass, it carries out the complete operation of preparing the surface layer of the soil for sowing. With just one pass, it forms an excellent seed bed (uniform, accurate, adjusted depth) and a finely divided upper layer for seed placement.

The Germinator has a roller at the end of processing, which slightly presses the prepared soil to achieve a uniform seeding depth, and to reduce the loss of moisture through evaporation.

With quality preparation and setting good conditions, the yield of crops such as: corn, wheat, barley, soy, sugar beet, onion, etc. can be significantly increased.

HUĐIK GERMINATORS are robustly made, which enables great results in operation and are made of quality materials, thereby guaranteeing longevity with minimal maintenance costs.

The GERMINATOR is composed of: a massive base beam, a frame structure, working bodies (with springs), and a shredding rotor, a roller, and a leveling bar is offered as additional equipment.

If it is a larger model, it has two or more wings, which can be folded hydraulically, easily, without additional tools and without leaving the tractor cabin.

The frame constructions are not rigidly attached to the machine's base beam, but move freely around the horizontal bar, which enables them to overcome uneven terrain.

Adjusting the working depth is simple: by adjusting the height of the frame construction, it is possible to adjust the depth from 2 to 12 cm.

Ring rollers have proven themselves very well in operation, they are not prone to clogging. the soil is sown that it can be sown behind it with a classic seeder with plows.

The Germinator can be equipped with a leveling board, which has two positions for adjusting the angle of attack. It is located behind the working bodies and is pressed by springs for optimal height retention.

Differences between the classic SETVOSPREMAČ I GERMINATOR

GERMINATOR gives a better shredded top layer

GERMINATOR provides a more accurate and uniform processing depth

GERMINATOR provides a flatter bedding at a uniform depth, while less moisture is extracted from the deeper layers

GERMINATOR completes the treatment with a roller, squeezing out excess air, and seals the surface, thus significantly reducing moisture evaporation.

The weight of the GERMINATOR is calculated in such a way as to enable the creation of a layer of ideal hardness for the penetration of the seed feeder, equally well with disc seeders and seeders with classic plows.

Summary: GERMINATOR is a more modern machine for working in one pass, which provides more accurate and high-quality processing, thus enabling better sowing. During processing, the soil dries out less, and evaporation after processing is reduced, therefore, in increasingly dry climates, the GERMINATOR becomes a necessary machine for pre-sowing preparation.

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