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The germinator is a complex seed prep machine, strategically engineered for premium and economical soil preparation before sowing.

With just one pass, all the required operations are completed to prepare the surface layer of the field for sowing. With a single pass, it creates an ideal seed bed (even, precise, and at the desired depth) with a finely separated top layer for accurate seed placement.

By utilizing a roller during the final processing step, the germinator effectively presses the soil to achieve an even seeding depth and prevent moisture from evaporating.

By properly preparing and creating favorable conditions, the production of crops such as corn, wheat, barley, soy, sugar beet, onion, and more can be greatly enhanced.

The components of the GERMINATOR include a sturdy base beam, a frame structure, working bodies with S springs, a shredding rotor, a roller, and a rear planning beam that can be added as extra equipment.

The GERMINATOR is composed of: a massive base beam, a frame structure, working bodies (with springs), and a shredding rotor, a roller, and a leveling bar is offered as additional equipment.

In the case of a larger version, it will have at least two wings that can be folded with hydraulic assistance, making it a hassle-free process without the use of any extra tools or having to leave the driver's seat.

The machine's frame constructions are not rigidly fixed to the base beam, but rather have the ability to move around the horizontal bar and adapt to uneven ground.

The working depth can be easily set by modifying the frame's height, giving you the flexibility to choose between 2 and 12 cm.

In operation, ring rollers have shown great reliability and are not easily clogged. The soil is prepared for sowing, using a traditional seeder with plows to sow behind it.

Equipped with a rear planning beam, the germinator allows for two variations in the angle of attack. It is located behind the working bodies. By using springs, the optimal height is secured.

Differences between the classic COMBINATOR and GERMINATOR

GERMINATOR enhances the shredded topsoil.

GERMINATOR ensures a uniform and accurate processing depth.

The GERMINATOR ensures a flat, uniform seedbed and reduces moisture depletion from the deeper layers.

GERMINATOR uses a roller to complete the treatment by getting rid of excess air and sealing the surface, resulting in a notable decrease in moisture evaporation.

The GERMINATOR's weight is carefully calculated to ensure the perfect hardness of the layer for optimal seed feeder and seeder penetration, including disc or classic plows.

Summary: GERMINATOR is an advanced one-pass machine that offers precise and top-quality processing, resulting in improved sowing capabilities. With the GERMINATOR, soil drying and evaporation after processing are significantly reduced, making it an indispensable machine for pre-sowing preparation in dry climates.

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