Parts for sugar beet cultivators

The cultivator is a universal attachment machine for tractors, used for wide-row cultivation of corn, sunflower, and other cereals. In addition to the classic model for wide cultivation, there are also models for narrow cultivation of sugar beets, soybeans, and vegetable crops.
Sugar beet cultivators are specially designed because beets have specific requirements in terms of cultivation depth and spatial arrangement. Special knives are used for such models, which can effectively remove weeds without damaging the beets themselves.
The most sought-after parts are those that are most worn during the cultivation process. These include front and rear tines, as well as holders for the front and rear tines.

The Huđik inter-row cultivator with elastic S-tines enables soil cultivation between rows at high working speeds, with the optimal working speed being 10-12 km/h. Weeds with roots are cut and removed from the soil, and then they dry quickly. At the same time, the soil structure is not damaged; on the contrary, it becomes loosened and aerated. For narrower inter-rows, i.e., 55 cm, 3 “S” springs with wide duckbill feet (150 mm) are used.
In combination with large toothed protective discs that prevent burial and any possible damage to the root and plant stems, ensuring soil cultivation even when crops are small, perfect precision in weed cleaning is achieved without any possibility of damaging the crops. A maximum working height of 60 cm allows for use in advanced crop growth stages.
Stabilizing discs enable precise steering-free operation, entering the ground by 3-4 cm, thus maintaining direction and enabling perfect row tracking regardless of weed height.

All machines from Huđik, including the cultivator, are developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, with whom they have a business technical cooperation agreement. We use high-quality parts so that our own production cultivator machine can last a long time.
In order for the machine to provide good performance even after extended use, you must maintain it and replace the parts that wear during operation over time. You can find all the parts in our offer on the webshop, and we will list the manufacturers of all the parts:

Front tine holders: RAU Majevica;
Rear tine holders: Majevica, RAU Majevica;
Front tines: Majevica (210K, 210S, 160K, 160S), RAU Majevica (130S, 130K, 160S, 160K);
Rear tines: Majevica (LS, RS, LK, RK), RAU Majevica (SL, SR, KL, KR).
If you are not satisfied with the performance of your inter-row cultivator, it is time to start by replacing the front and rear tines. If you have any doubts about choosing the right part, feel free to contact us. Our expert staff will provide guidance and assistance with your purchase.
We have made your purchase even easier by creating an online shop. You don’t have to come to us; order the parts from your armchair. In a few days, the package will be delivered to your address.

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