Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Basic Information about the Company ATILA HUĐIK

Company Headquarters: PAP PALA 127, 21235, Temerin, Srbija
Registration Number: 52581273
VAT Number: 101873235
Activity and activity code: 2830 - Manufacture of machinery for agriculture and forestry;
Email Address for Correspondence: hudjik@gmail.com
Mailing Address: PAP PALA 127, 21235, Temerin, Serbia

Terms of Use

The company Atila Huđik PR is the owner of the website www.hudjik.com. By visiting or making a purchase on our website www.hudjik.com, you accept the terms of use stated in the following text. Please carefully read them and familiarize yourself with the rules that apply. We reserve the right to make changes and additions to the "terms of use" without prior notice.
This website primarily serves to inform you about the products available in our stores and their prices. To browse our website and familiarize yourself with the prices, you do not need to register on the site.

Prices on the website

All prices are stated in dinars and include VAT. The prices on the website are the same as in our physical stores and do not include any additional costs. Atila Huđik PR reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. We strive to keep the prices on the website up to date. In case there is a price difference between the branches and the website, the customer will receive the product at the more favorable price.

Finding products you want to buy – Cart

If you decide to purchase an item from our offer, click on the button with a cart icon and the text "+Add to Cart." You have added this product to your cart. You can enter the quantity of items you want to purchase, and you can also change the quantity. You can also cancel the purchase, delete one item, or delete all items.
Adding an item to the cart does not mean that you have purchased the item. If the website states that an item is in stock, it is possible that we do not have a sufficient quantity, or the item has been sold through our physical stores in the meantime. After adding products to the cart, you will receive a notification about your shopping preferences. Upon receiving the notification, our sales representative will contact you to verify whether you have selected the correct part for your vehicle and if you are still interested in making the purchase. If you decide to proceed with the purchase, the product will be securely packaged for transportation, and an invoice will be issued. The packaged product and the invoice will be sent via courier service to the address you provided in the cart. If the courier service fails to deliver the fiscal receipt to you (due to an error or for any other reason), please do not accept the package and do not pay the ransom.

Payment methods

If you are purchasing goods in our stores, you can use all forms of payment (cash, check, card, bank transfer). With every purchase, you will receive an invoice which is the basis for payment.
If you prefer not to visit our stores and want us to send the goods via courier service, you can pay for the products through the proforma invoice sent to your email, in accordance with your online request. You can pay for the ordered goods directly on the website using credit or debit cards, or you can pay the courier in cash upon delivery. The courier will then deliver the goods along with the invoice for the purchased items. The courier service will transfer your payment amount to our company's account. By receiving the fiscal invoice, you can exercise all rights according to the Consumer Protection Law.

Delivery cost

Home delivery of products - the recipient pays for the delivery according to the current price list of the BEX courier service. Delivery is exclusively made within the territory of the Republic of Serbia. After the payment is recorded and the order is confirmed with our operator, the goods will be delivered to the provided address. Deliveries are not made on Saturdays, Sundays, national, and religious holidays.

Complaints, conformity, and warranty

All goods purchased from us are subject to conformity or warranty according to the law, depending on the type of product. Every complaint, with a fiscal receipt, is resolved according to the Consumer Protection Law.
Complaints can be submitted at our sales points, over the phone, or by sending an email to our email address. The responsible person for complaints can be reached at the phone number 021-842-109.


Refunds for any valid reason are processed exclusively to the buyer's current account.

Product descriptions

Atila Huđik PR strives to describe all products on the website as detailed as possible. Finding a part that fits your machinery is a specialized task, so we recommend calling our sales service to assist you with selecting the appropriate part. In the case of independent part selection, there is a high risk of error. If you make a mistake, you can return the product if it is unused and in its original undamaged factory packaging, along with the original receipt, and we will refund your money.
Atila Huđik PR does not guarantee that all the information provided regarding the products is 100% accurate, complete, reliable, and error-free. If the product you purchased deviates from the description provided on the website, you can return it in unused condition, with undamaged factory packaging and all the documentation you received with it, and we will refund your money.

1. Consumer information and right of withdrawal
Duty of information for distance contracts and contracts concluded outside business premises

Article 27
The trader is obliged, before concluding a distance contract or a contract concluded outside business premises, in addition to the information from Article 13. of this law, in a clear and comprehensible manner, inform the consumer about:
1) the address where it operates, if it does not operate at the address where its headquarters or residence is located, and the address, fax number, and email address of the trader on behalf of whom it acts, to which the consumer can submit a complaint;
2) the selling price that includes total costs for the billing period in the case of indefinite duration contracts or contracts containing a subscription; in such contracts where a fixed sum payment is envisaged, the selling price includes total monthly costs; when the total costs cannot be reliably calculated in advance, the method by which the selling price will be calculated is communicated;
3) the cost of using means of distance communication for concluding a contract when this cost is calculated on a basis other than the basic rate;
4) the conditions, time limit, and procedure for exercising the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with Article 28. of this law;
5) the obligation to pay the trader reasonable costs in accordance with Article 35. paragraph 3. of this law, if the consumer exercises the right to withdraw from the contract after submitting a request in accordance with Article 28. paragraph 2. and Article 29. of this law;
6) when the right to withdraw from the contract is not provided for in accordance with Article 37. of this law, about the circumstance that the consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal or, where applicable, the circumstances under which the consumer loses the right to withdraw from the contract;
7) the existence of his contractual relationship with the postal operator through whom the consumer can, in case of a complaint due to non-conformity, return the goods at the expense of the trader.
Depending on the circumstances of the specific case and the type of goods, the trader is obliged to inform the consumer about:
1) the consumer's obligation to bear the costs of returning the goods in case of contract withdrawal and, for distance contracts, if the nature of the goods prevents them from being returned by mail, the costs of returning the goods;
2) the existence of applicable codes of good business practice and the way in which one can gain insight into the content of the codes, where applicable;
3) the minimum duration of the consumer's contractual obligations in accordance with the contract;
4) the existence and conditions for deposit or other financial guarantees that the consumer may be required to pay or provide at the request of the trader;
5) the possibility of accessing out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms that the trader accepts in advance, and the methods of access.
Provisions of paragraph 1. The provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article also apply to contracts for the supply of water, gas, or electricity when they are not offered for sale in a limited or predetermined quantity, or to contracts for the supply of thermal energy or the delivery of digital content not supplied on a permanent data carrier.
In the case of a public auction, the trader's information from Article 13 applies. Paragraph 1. Item 1) of this law and paragraph 1. Item 1) of this article can be replaced with equivalent data about the auctioneer.
Data from paragraph 1st item. 4) and 5) of this paragraph Item 2) and item 1) of this article can be provided via the form specified in Article 28. of this law.
Before concluding a distance contract for the provision of financial services, the trader is obliged to inform the consumer clearly and comprehensibly about:
1) basic features of the financial service;
2) the selling price of the financial service, including taxes, fees, costs, and charges, or the method of calculating the price if the selling price of the financial service is not stated;
3) specific risks related to a particular financial instrument;
4) the period during which the provided information is valid;
5) the payment methods.
If the trader fails to fulfill the obligation to inform about additional costs as stated in Article 13. According to item 3) of this law and item 2) point 1) of this article, the consumer is not obligated to bear these costs.
Trgovac je dužan da podatke iz st. 1, 2. i 6. ovog člana pruži potrošaču na srpskom jeziku.
Podaci iz st. 1, 2. i 6. ovog člana predstavljaju sastavni deo ugovora na daljinu ili ugovora koji se zaključuje izvan poslovnih prostorija.
Teret dokazivanja izvršenja obaveza u skladu sa st. 1, 2. i 6. ovog člana i čl. 30. i 31. ovog zakona je na trgovcu.

Consumer's right to withdraw from the contract

Article 28
Potrošač ima pravo da odustane od ugovora zaključenog na daljinu, odnosno izvan poslovnih prostorija u roku od 14 dana, bez navođenja razloga i dodatnih troškova, osim troškova iz čl. 34. i 35. ovog zakona (u daljem tekstu: odustanak od ugovora).
The consumer exercises the right to withdraw from the contract by a statement that can be given on a special form for withdrawal from a distance or off-premises contract, or in another unambiguous manner (hereinafter referred to as: withdrawal form).
The statement of withdrawal from the contract in the case of distance contracts and contracts concluded off-premises is considered timely if it is sent to the trader within the period specified in paragraph 1. of this article.
The statement of withdrawal from the contract takes legal effect from the day it is sent to the trader.
If the trader enables the consumer to electronically fill out and submit the withdrawal form, they are obligated to inform the consumer of the receipt of the form without delay in writing or on another durable medium.
Upon the expiration of the period specified in Article 29. of this law, the consumer's right to withdraw from the contract ceases.
The burden of proof that they have complied with the provisions of paragraphs 1 to 5 of this article, in order to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract, lies with the consumer.
The form and content of the withdrawal form are prescribed by the minister responsible for consumer protection affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Minister).

Right to privacy and security

In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, the data provided by consumers on the website is used exclusively for communication in cases of purchase and delivery of goods. Atila Huđik PR does not use customers' personal data for other purposes and will not do so.