Row cultivator parts

Spartach, or as we also call it – inter-row cultivator, is a universal attachment machine for tractors
robust construction and very simple machine to use, it is transported carried. It is used for
wide-row cultivation of corn and sunflower.
Huđik spartach can have a very long service life if care is taken when handling, regularly
essential parts are lubricated and with minimal maintenance, which includes the replacement of wearing parts.
The parts that are most often changed are: front and rear hoes, corn wrapper, front holders and
of rear hoes, longer and shorter horizontal holder, cast pillow, cast hoe carrier bed, cast
hoe carrier clamp.

The Huđik inter-row cultivator with flexible S-hoes enables soil cultivation between the rows with
high working speed, optimal working speed is 10-12 km/h. Weeds with roots are cut, removed from the ground
and then dries quickly. At the same time, the structure of the soil is not damaged, on the contrary, it occurs
loosening and aerating the soil. For wide intermediate rows, 5 “S” springs with a wide duck are placed
In combination with large serrated protective discs that prevent clogging and any
possible damage to the roots and stems of plants, perfect precision is achieved in weeding without
the possibility of crop damage. The maximum working height of 60 cm allows use in
advanced stage of crop growth.
Stabilizing discs enable precise work without a rudder, they enter the ground 3-4 cm and thus
they maintain direction, enable perfect row tracking regardless of weed height.
If the working width of the machine exceeds 3 meters, cultivators with a special frame are available
folding, and the folding is performed by a hydraulic cylinder controlled from the tractor cab.

All the machines of the “Huđik” company, including the spartač, were developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Sciences from
Novi Sad, with whom we have a contract on business and technical cooperation. We use high quality
parts, so that the sparter of our production can last you a very long time.
In order for the machine to provide good work results even after a large number of uses, you must maintain it and
over time, replace parts that wear out during operation. The parts for the Spartan that are most often changed are:
front and rear hoes, corn wrapper, front and rear hoe holders, longer and shorter horizontal
holder, pillow casting, hoe carrier seat casting, hoe carrier clamp casting.
You can find all the mentioned parts in our offer on the web shop, and we will list the manufacturers of all of them

– front hoe holders: Futoški, IMT, OLT
– rear hoe holders: IMT, Majevica
– horizontal holders: IMT, OLT
– cast pillow: IMT, OLT
– cast rear hoe support bracket: IMT, OLT
– rear hoe carrier casting: IMT, OLT
– cast front hoe support clamp: IMT, OLT
– front hoes: Tupanjac, Majevica, IMT, OLT
– rear hoes: IMT, OLT
– rear hoe carrier stirrup: IMT, OLT
– corn wrapper: IMT, OLT

Before each season, it is necessary to check the condition of the spartan and notice the worn parts. Some parts
it is necessary to change every 1-2 years, while some have a longer working life. It all depends on how often you use this one
the machine.
If you notice that it is not performing well, it is time to replace the parts. See the offer
parts for Spartan in the online store, order today and it will be at your address in 2-3 days. If
If you have any doubts about choosing a product, feel free to contact us for additional advice.

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