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The plow, a significant agricultural invention in history, is a device used for basic soil cultivation, specifically for plowing. The earliest plowing techniques involved humans pulling the plows, which were eventually replaced by horses and oxen. Today, tractors have revolutionized the process of plowing in modern agriculture.
Any type of crop production relies on plowing as a fundamental step, and proper soil cultivation is key to achieving positive results. The primary aim of plowing is to upturn the topsoil. By rolling over weeds and residues from past harvests, they are buried to enhance the nutrient content of the soil.
Nowadays, there are various types of plows available, but the most popular one remains the traditional plow. The components of a field plow include: ploughshare, reversible point, mouldboard, shin pieces, plough beam and supports, landside, skimmer and trashbroard. All of the mentioned components play a crucial role in the plow’s functioning, and for optimal plowing results, each part must be properly maintained and functional.
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The ploughshare bears the brunt of plowing, accounting for nearly 50% of resistance, making it a crucial component that requires extra care. Self-sharpening ploughshares have a soft upper side that is designed to wear down quickly during plowing, ensuring the plow always stays sharp.
Our offer boasts plows from the most reputable brands such as Vogel&Noot, Uzel, Lemind, IMT, Leopard, Lemken, Kuhn, Olt, Kverneland, and Regent. You can choose S, K, PK, SL, or SR models.

The furrow wall is supported by a rectangular steel plate attached to the lower part of the trestle. This plate is designed to withstand lateral pressure from the plow and its board, preventing any movement of the plow towards the unplowed section. The end of the tread wears the most, so there are often landsides with a replaceable heel.
In our offer you can find landside from leading manufacturers such as: Lemken, Kuhn, Olt, Kverneland, Vogel&Noot, IMT, Leopard.

Divided into two distinct parts, the item features a front portion known as the “chest” and a back portion referred to as the “wing.” Its composition of triple layer steel includes a softer middle layer, ensuring elasticity. By cementing the moldboard onto the working surface, the plow experiences a reduction of resistance (approximately 10% of all components) and prevents soil from sticking. There are four main categories of mouldboards: cylindrical, semi-spiral, spiral, and cultural.
In our offer you can find mouldboard from leading manufacturers such as: Vogel&Noot, IMT, Leopard, Kverneland.

Links the ploughshare, mouldboard, and landside to the plow frame. The height and depth may vary depending on the frame’s shape (straight or curved). The saddle refers to the section of the coulter where the mouldboard and share are connected. Its hollowed-out shape perfectly follows the curvature of the ploughshare and mouldboard. The landside is secured on the opposite end of the same side, while the trestle is connected to the frame using screws or clamps at the other end.
In our offer you can find shin pieces from leading manufacturers such as: Lemken, Olt, Kverneland, Vogel&Noot, IMT, Leopard.

It is a steel extension which is connected at the back of the mouldboard. The trashboard carries on the task of the mouldboard, shaping the plastic that has been plowed.
In our offer you can find trashboard from leading manufacturers such as: Kverneland, Vogel&Noot, IMT, Leopard.

The skimmer, which lacks a landside, resembles a smaller version of the plough body and is typically positioned 25-30 cm in front of the top of the main plough body. The skimmer effectively removes the top layer of plastic and plant debris, pushing it down into the furrow where it can be crushed by the plow body. You can find skimmer mouldboards, skimmer tines, skimmer holders, skimmer mouldboards.
In our offer you can find skimmers from leading manufacturers such as: Kverneland, Vogel&Noot, IMT, Lemken, Kuhn.

In our offer you can find plough beam and support from leading manufacturers such as: Vogel&Noot, IMT, Leopard.

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