Agricultural machines


Seeder is an attachment machine for tractors, simple and robust construction, intended for high-quality and economical pre-sowing soil preparation, one of the most important operations in the technological process of production of field crops.

A very important machine for every farm, and with the results obtained so far, it is one of the best modern tools in agriculture.

For this reason, the HUÐIK company has developed a segment of machines designed to break up, level and reconsolidate soil. If it is a larger model, it has three to four wings, which are hydraulically folded depending on the working reach of 3.5 to 6 meters.

Seeder is composed of: frame construction, leveling bar, working bodies (S springs), and shredding rotor.

The main structure made of steel with an unlimited warranty ensures high stability and durability.

Leveling bar made of HARDOX with the possibility of adjusting the angle of attack.

The frame constructions are not rigidly attached to the machine's base beam, but move freely around the horizontal bar, which allows it to overcome terrain irregularities.

Double flach rollers ensure optimal shredding and an excellent soil leveling effect.

Adjusting the working depth is simple: by adjusting the height of the frame construction, it is possible to adjust the depth.

The working organs (S-springs) are arranged in 4 rows, to prevent congestion.

The possibility of choosing different working bodies for elastic S springs: spear, spear-tie, duck feet of various sizes without or with self-sharpening blade.

Technical characteristics of HUĐIK Setvospremača
The work of the mindTransp. Mind widthWeight in kg Number of S springsHydraulic. Closing the wingsOperating speed in km/h Recommended tractor power in HP Color