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Atila Hudjik PR Hudjik - Temerin

A smithy was established in 1984, which dealt with traditional metal processing. After 10 years of business, the workshop grew into the HUDJIK PRODUCTION COMPANY, which produces parts for connected agricultural machines. Our customers can trust in our quality and reliability, backed by over 35 years of work experience and expertise. In addition to our longstanding tradition of producing parts for agricultural connected machines with store of over 500 different parts we have expanded our repertoire to include new connecting machines since 2003.We offer machines such as cultivators, crop preparators, germinators, and grubbers.


Customers could choose from a variety of sizes and designs for the machines. Our use of quality materials and modern production processes guarantees competitiveness in the market. Besides computer engineering, we also utilize laser cutting techniques, industrial Lorch welding technology, machine (robot) welding, and magnetic painting using plastic powder.

Only premium EU-sourced commodities are used in the manufacturing of our products. For any rotating elements within machine structures, we purchase bearings solely from reputable manufacturers. Our company holds patents for our innovative solutions and has received multiple certificates attesting to the quality of our machines, in addition to meeting the CE standardization requirements. To uphold excellence and progress, we are partner with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad through a contractual agreement for technical collaboration.

Since our company's establishment, our commitment to our goals and business policy of producing high quality products and evolving to meet user demands has remained unwavering. Our products can compete with leading foreign manufacturers in terms of reliability, durability and performance. This is proven by the numerous accolades received at agricultural exhibitions, along with contented customers from both domestic and international markets. For any additional questions, contact our company and our employees will inform in details about product prices, technical characteristics, terms of sale and delivery, terms and duration of the guarantee, special orders. You can also reach all information you are interested in.


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Our products can compare with leading foreign manufacturers in terms of reliability, durability and performance. This is proved by numerous awards won at agricultural exhibitions, as well as satisfied domestic users and foreign companies with whom we cooperate with in exporting and trading abroad.

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